Thursday, 19 September 2013


“If you're reading this...
Congratulations, you're alive.
If that's not something to smile about,
then I don't know what is.”
― Chad Sugg

Hey loves! I totally forgot about this post, it has been in my drafts for over a month now waiting to be published. I so love this look cuz it's different from the usual me, hope you all like it too. Y'all stay fabulous and don't forget to leave your comments below.  

Peplum top: Ebay
Skirt: Stradivarius
Belt: Zara
Shoes: Ebay

Wednesday, 18 September 2013

Forever In Blue Jeans

"Be sure what you want and be sure about yourself. Fashion is not just beauty, it’s about good attitude. You have to believe in yourself and be strong."
— Adriana Lima

Hey loves! Hope everyone had a great day. For today's post, I wore a high-waisted denim with rips and a corset which has a cute bow on the top. For accessories, I wanted to keep it simple and with the bow effect going on, didn't need extra drama so I bared my neck and  I wore pretty large earrings. Added a pop of color with the burgundy purse and belt and I went for black shoes, couldn't think of anything better! 
Stay beautiful loves..

Denim pants: Gojane. Found something similar on ebay, click HERE to get.
Corset: Ebay
Purse: Bershka
Belt: Asos
Earrings: Topshop

Monday, 16 September 2013

Jade And Burgundy

"Unique and different is the next generation of beautiful."
— Taylor Swift
Hello beautiful people, hope you all are having a fab day.. I'm so sorry I have been M.I.A for a while now, I was so busy during the summer break but anyways the good news is that I'm back and ready to blog again and I've got a whole lot of wonderful outfits coming up, so you all stay tuned!! 

As you all know, color blocking is my thing, I just can't get enough of colors. Today's outfit post is featuring a jade peplum and a burgundy leggings, totally in love with peplums, they are flattering and they are meant to accentuate the narrow waist and curvier hips. I paired the outfit with a black pumps which has jade platforms and a mustard yellow purse to add extra color. For extra fitting, I used a belt on my waist and for accessories, I went for a simple neck piece. You will find outfit details below.

Hope you all like the outfit, stay fabulous guys and don't forget to follow and leave your comments below.
much love!! XOXO...

Peplum: Ebay
Leggings: Primark
Purse: Top secret
Shoes: Tally Weijl
NeckPiece and Belt: Can't remember the exact shop I got them from, I've had them for a while.
Glasses: Tommy Hilfiger